Emergency Denture Repair Service

Emergency Dentures Repairs (after hours) Monday to Friday and on (weekends) Saturday and Sunday.

Dentures can be damaged, fractured or broken by accident or from wear, being easily replaced or repaired through emergency denture care.


Instead of suffering without teeth or wearing damaged dentures that cause oral trauma and accentuated denture damage, get in touch with Smiles on Hudson for emergency denture repair service (after hours) and on weekends.

Not having a set of teeth impedes oral functions and gives the face a sunken appearance. Replacing or repairing dentures will provide patients with a restored and beautiful smile.

Get more Information about Emergency Denture Repairs

Maurie D'Andrea will assess your needs for treatment. 

For further information about emergency denture repair service, get in touch with our friendly team by phone or email. We can book an appointment or free consultation to suit your schedule and assess your oral health needs.

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