Mouth Guards

Mouth Guards

Maurie D'Andrea recommends the use of mouth guards to prevent dental abrasion from teeth grinding, relieve painful symptoms of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder and prevent oral injury from contact activities.

Mouth Guard Function

Whether they are worn for dental protection during sporting activities or to alleviate unhealthy dental conditions, mouth guards are designed to realign facial and jaw muscles. At Smiles on Hudson we strive to meet the needs of each individual for a personalised mouth guard fit and function. 

Mouth Guards for Sport

Sports people may benefit from custom-made mouth guards to

protect their teeth from damage during sports, particularly in contact

sport. Smiles on Hudson will assess your needs and provide you with

choices in mouth guards.

Mouth guards used in sport shield the upper and lower teeth during

impact and prevent oral trauma and dental damage, . Wearing a

sports mouth guard protects the outer tooth enamel surface from wear,

which may expose the inner dentin and dental pulp to sensitivity and infection.

Mouth Guards for Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorder

Mouth guards are also used to treat temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. People with TMJ experience jaw pain that may extend to the face, head and neck. The pain is caused by overexertion of connecting muscles. 

Mouth guards, allow these muscles to relax by relieving painful facial, head, jaw and neck symptoms for normal jaw and joint function. 

Mouth Guards for Bruxism or Teeth Grinding 

Depending on the individual's diagnosis and needs, mouth guards may treat teeth grinding or bruxism conditions where tooth contact wears down and exposes the dentin. Teeth may then become increasingly sensitive to temperature changes and be at risk of decay and infection. 

Mouth guards preserve oral health and protect teeth from enamel- wear. Night mouth guards are designed to be worn during sleep when teeth grinding occurs, or may be worn during the day to prevent the habit if caused by anxiety. 


Get more Information about Mouth Guards

Maurie D'Andrea will assess your needs for a suitable mouth guard treatment. Mouth guards are custom-designed for individuals to enhance their oral health and jaw function. 

For further information about mouth guards and how best to protect tooth structure, get in touch with our friendly team by phone or email. We can book an appointment or free consultation to suit your schedule and assess your oral health needs.

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